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Computer Science


Learn the basics of communicating in Swahili

Biology AS/A Level

Chemistry- AS/A Level

Physics-AS/A Level

Mathematics-Cambridge Form 3-4

Mathematics Course with Dean Tei

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Course with W. S Manjoro

Artificial Intelligence

In almost every career discipline, human intelligence is being simulated in machines. This course will help to master the core …


Ndebele Course with Thoko D Amon

Computer Science-IGSCE/O LEVEL

Get all the essentials to nail your Cambridge Examinations from this course covering all the concepts from hardware components, software, networks, databases, data transmission, computer security etc.


Get all the knowledge you need to integrate management and finance and accounting core skills that will help you add …

English Form 3-4

Summary writing and registers tend to be most students’ enemy when it comes to ZIMSEC English. Get your simplified Ordinary …


Security +

This course will provide you with all the fundamentals and core principles needed by one to looking forward to pursue …


You want to get your feet into the world of computer networking? This course is just for you as it …


This a course designed for those who want to get the expertise and skills to work as computer technicians focusing …
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